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    Rich Johnson - Bio




    The Sage Technologies, Corp.               July 2015-Current                       Minneapolis, MN

    • Founder/CEO 

    • PI-Principle Investigator 

    • R&D Dir.

    • Inventor


    As part of his exit from GenZ in June 2015, he purchased the “Gen-002” patent pending technology from his previous company to create a spin-off. The concept was to use this controlled atmospheric sprayer technology to advance his desire to bring organics to mainstream Agriculture. Since this date the patents have in fact been cleared to issue by the USPTO with all of the patent claims that he had hoped for. And after extensive testing the equipment is ready to launch.

    Rich Incorporated The Sage Technologies Corp on July 30th, 2015.

    Coming off from a successful startup of GenZ, Corp. a company that he founded; and a company that has begun to deliver on his promise to bring reductions to ag chemistry...  There is much more to do if he is to impact the ag market as much as he origionally set out to accomplish.  






    GenZ, Corp.                                              1/11-6/15                                     Meridian, ID

    • Founder – CTO  Principle Investigator - R&D, Equipment inventor


    He began designing concepts for GenZ, Corp. during an 18 month stay in Bakersfield Ca. where he saw an agricultural environmental disaster raging in the San Joaquin Valley. Since that time he has developed his patented technology into a premiere line of controlled atmospheric sprayers. He was influential in aligning GenZ with the following academic/regulatory bodies: 

    • UC Davis University

    • Boise State University

    • CDPR- California Department of Pesticide Regulation 

    • CARB - California Air Resource Board

    Rich Incorporated GenZ Corp on July 26, 2011.