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    The Sage Family of Companies

    The Sage Family of Companies


    The Sage Technologies, Corp.



            The Sage Equipment, LLC

                The Sage Sprayer Division


    The Ag sprayer market is vast, but new emerging technologies are exciting and stand to revolutionize this market. The Sage agricultural sprayers will lead the way for organic growers to keep pace with customer demand, in this new growth industry. These sprayers utilize a patented process that delivers a Micro Dose of organic chemistry while recapturing the excess. No other company has this patented technology. 

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           The Sage NCP, LLC 

                   Natural Crop Protection (NCP) division supplies the organic chemistry for The Sage sprayers. The Sage NCP is commited to organic chemistries utilizing only natural, organic compounds for pest and fungi control for our organic growers.

             Additionally, The Sage NCP works with other vendors and suppliers of organic compounds to bring complete control products to our customers.




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